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Welcome to the public review site of papers appearing in MobiSys 2012. Here you can find the public review written by a PC member for each paper and the authors' rebuttal to it. You can comment on any of them or add your own opinion. Finally you can vote to "like" or "dislike" a paper by clicking the up or down arrows next to its title.

ACE: Exploiting Correlation for Energy-Efficient and Continuous Context Sensing by SumanNathin papers

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Very nice work that mines behavior "invariants" from people's life log.

It reminds me of software engineering research about mining program invariant, e.g.,

ExerLink - Enabling Pervasive Social Exergames with Heterogeneous Exercise Devices by TaiwooParkin papers

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I wonder what is the "science" people can learn from this paper. Yes you designed and built a game and conducted a small scale study to show it may be nice. The same contribution can be said for any good apps.

You did address a few challenges when building the game. Are the solutions useful/relevant to things beyond your particular game? Without a positive answer, I wonder what others can learn from your work.