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Welcome to the public review site of papers appearing in MobiSys 2012. Here you can find the public review written by a PC member for each paper and the authors' rebuttal to it. You can comment on any of them or add your own opinion. Finally you can vote to "like" or "dislike" a paper by clicking the up or down arrows next to its title.

ExerLink - Enabling Pervasive Social Exergames with Heterogeneous Exercise Devices by TaiwooParkin papers

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We think that the overall contribution of this work comes from the point at which three entities of exergaming meet: games, exercises, and people. We carefully defined these entities (RIA exercises, 1D-control based games, and exercisers respectively), observed what kind of practical problems happen when these entities are combined, and finally designed supporting platform as well as the ‘particular’ game. Please note that we instantiated one sample game to help people understand the notion of pervasive social exergames, and many exergame developers and researchers can easily build their own exergames on top of the platform by following our design practices and thereby the platform will keep evolving. The key answer for your first question is twofold; (1) We went through players’ experiences of the very new kind of pervasive applications and analyzed the experiences from a holistic viewpoint of application usage, and (2) we opened a door to the avenue where people can discuss design and implementation issues of ‘pervasive social exergames’ and the supporting platform.