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Welcome to the public review site of papers appearing in MobiSys 2012. Here you can find the public review written by a PC member for each paper and the authors' rebuttal to it. You can comment on any of them or add your own opinion. Finally you can vote to "like" or "dislike" a paper by clicking the up or down arrows next to its title.

What is keeping my phone awake? Characterizing and Detecting No-Sleep Energy Bugs in Smartphone Apps by AbhilashJindalin papers

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We thank the anonymous reviewers, our shepherd for their helpful comments and Lin Zhong for the public review. We would like to comment on issues raised in this review.

First, the energy bugs due to explicit power control APIs studied in this paper are not Android specific: (1) Windows Mobile Professional also exposes power control APIs similar to the Android wakelocks for the CPU [1]; (2) “exotic” components such as GPS and camera on any phone are controlled via explicit APIs.

Second, after the lengthy, hectic discussions [2] it is unclear that such APIs will go away for smartphones any time soon, despite the current resistance of the Linux community (some of which are due to wakelock implementation issues).

Third, the billion smartphone users are experiencing no-sleep energy bugs in the apps that have already been developed today.

Finally, indeed the bug detection tool is for the developers, as opposed to app users.

[1] Joel Ivory Johnson, Windows Mobile Power Management http://www.rdacorp.com/wp-content/uploads/Windows-Mobile-Power-Management.pdf

[2] https://lists.linux-foundation.org/pipermail/linux-pm/2009-February/019750.html