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Question: Philosophical question. At this point, can we finally say that indoor localization is a solved problem? Can we say this is done?

Answer: I feel that we are at a stage where we have converged on a solution that is an 85% solution. There are still a lot of loose ends remaining. If there were some incentive, I think industry could work out the last 15% and this problem would be solved.

Victor: There is a disconnect between academic research and industry in a big way. I think this is going to be solved by industry without all this fancy stuff.

Let me go back about 20 years...[story about the difficulties of finding value propositions...I can't type fast enough].

We've tried a lot of these solutions, and most of these just don't work.
They use contrived examples, and they just don't work.

Romit: We're not setup to take it 100%. That's not the role of academic research. We're setup to take an idea to 85%, and let industry take it from there.

Roy: [Couldn't hear the beginning.] One of the problems is we don't have a good way of benchmarking one solution against another. One mechanism is to create a repository with test data. I think we should do this.

Romit: I agree. This would be a good thing for many different problems. Not just localization.