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reddit is a community, and as such there are a lot of outlets to get help for what ails you.

Making a press inquiry?
Get our press contact details.
Are your submissions not showing up? Subreddit marked as spam? Is the spam filter acting up?
Send a private message to the admins. (We really do want to help)
Got a feature request?
Post it to our development community so the admins can see it.
Got a bug report?
Check /r/bugs for other people with the same problem, or submit your own bug report.
Are you a new moderator? Having trouble staying out of the fray? Need advice?
There's a reddit for that.
Want to advertise but don't know how?
The instructions are here.
General questions? Need help?
There's a reddit for that, too.
Crazy, or just feel like ranting at us?
Here is a soothing place to get your aggressions out.

Or, if none of these solve your problem, send a message to our feedback.